Find below a selection of videos from previous CRYO meetings.

Past, Present, and Future of Cryobiology

Past Milestones in Cryobiology
Stanley Leibo, University of New Orleans 


Cryobiology in the Future
Erik Woods, Cook General Biotechnology

Fundamental Cryobiology

What determines the temperature of ice crystallization?
Valeria MolineroUniversity of Utah


Anomalies of water and its solutions, and the problem of sudden nucleation in the phenomenology of biopreservation
C. Austen Angell, Arizona State University


Metastable vitrification of cryoprotectant solutions
Brian Wowk, 21st Century Medicine

Organ Preservation

Consequences and Control of Ice Formation in the Renal Inner Medulla
Greg Fahy, 21st Century Medicine

Fertility Preservation

Relative importance of cooling and warming rate in obtaining high survival of mouse oocytes and embryos after vitrification
Peter Mazur, University of Tennessee


Biology and Natural Adaptation

Cryobiology of the natural world - linking the laboratory to the field
Andrew Clark, from the British Antarctic Survey