Cryobiology Journal

Cryobiology: International Journal of Low Temperature Biology and Medicine is the official journal of the Society for Cryobiology.

It is published bi-monthly by Elsevier and contains research articles on all aspects of low temperature biology and medicine including:

  • Preservation of cells and tissues for purposes of long-term storage
  • Cryosurgery - a minimally invasive approach for destruction of unhealthy tissue
  • Lyophilization (freeze-drying) of pharmaceuticals
  • The study of cold-adaptation of plants and animal
  • Frost hardiness in plants
  • Hibernation
  • Hypothermia
  • Medical applications of reduced temperature
  • Perfusion of organs for transplant surgery
  • Cryoprotective additives and their pharmacological actions
  • All pertinent methodologies

The journal is available via electronic subscription (free to members) or paper subscription from the publisher. 

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Dr. David Rawson
Luton, UK

Associate Editors
W. John Armitage
Bristol, UK

Janet A.W. Elliott
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Barbara Reed
Philomath, Oregon, USA