Online Access to Cryobiology Journal

Follow these steps to access your electronic subscription to Cryobiology

  1. Activate your subscription
    Go to to activate your electronic subscription.  You will need to provide your Member ID number, which you can find on email correspondence from the society, or by emailing [email protected]

  2. Log in to access the journal
    After you have activated your electronic subscription, you can log in at to access the journal issues. You will need the Science Direct username and password which were set up during the subscription activation process.

  3. Browse or search journals
    After logging in to the journal access website, you can browse current and previous issues, or search for specific articles, using the 'Browse' and 'Search' buttons in the navigation bar on the top of the page.

Detailed instructions are available here and includes information on who to contact in case of problems regarding the activation process (or access problems thereafter).