Enter Student Awards 

The student awards have now closed.

Dr. James Benson, chair of the awards committee, will contact all student awards applicants in due course. 

Student awards are open to Student Members of the Society for Cryobiology only. You may apply to be a student member at the same time you submit this application, but your membership must be approved before awards can be disbursed. 

To enter the student awards you will need to prepare TWO abstracts - an extended version for the student awards and an abbreviated version for publication. 

Extended abstract (~1200 words)
The extended abstract is for awards purposes only. Download and fill in the extended abstract entry form. You will need to upload the entry form through our website. 

Abbreviated abstract (<300 words)
The abbreviated abstract is for publication in the conference book and in a future issue of Cryobiology. Make sure you read the requirements for the short abstract before proceeding. You will need to copy and paste your abstract into a form on our website.  

You will need to submit your abbreviated abstract and extended abstract at the same time, so make sure you have everything ready before you log in to begin your submission.


Could you please email me the invoice and I will arrange for our treasurer to pay it?